Pam Grier: 'Cocaine? In My Vagina?'

Pam Grier, the star of Foxy Brown and Jackie Brown, has a new memoir out. Besides a guest stint on Miami Vice, she doesn't have much of a local connection, but in Foxy: My Life in Three Acts, she chronicles a previously unheard-of medical condition that we're guessing might alarm some local ladies: the potentially dangerous "buildup of cocaine residue around the cervix and in the vagina." Wait... what?

According to Jezebel, Grier writes that when she was dating brilliant but drug-addicted comedian Richard Pryor, her doctor warned her about what he termed the "epidemic." He asked if perhaps Pyror put cocaine on his member to keep it up (ah, the '70s, what a crazy pre-Viagra time), to which she replied, "It's not like he has a pile of cocaine next to the bed and he dips his penis in it before we have sex."

So apparently, Pryor wasn't dipping his "little friend" Scarface-style into a big pile of snow.

But is this actually a thing, and if so, why haven't we heard more of it? You'd think South Beach would be ground zero for the deadly cocaine vagina epidemic.

Jezebel does some digging and concludes that, no, it is most likely not an actual medical threat.

Here's why it's unlikely from a physiological standpoint: Cocaine is a form of adrenaline, and your body processes it on a temporary basis, Doc [Jan] Gurley explained. The speed with which your body processes it depends on the blood flow to the area; toxicologists testing for cocaine often check the eyeballs or the nose, because those are low blood-flow areas. The vagina, however, is a high blood-flow zone -- Doc Gurley says the Ob-Gyn surgeons' term of art is that the vagina is "very forgiving." (It really is, if you think about it.)

Bottom line: "It's extremely unlikely that there could be any toxic vagina effect of cocaine," Gurley says.
Phewwww! They conclude that either Grier misremembered the visit or her doctor was either woefully misinformed or trying to scare her.

All in all, though, women of Miami, while your lady blossom might not be harboring any ill effects from sleeping with cokeheads, we should remind you that it's still possible your reputation, self-respect and/or happiness might take an hit in the long run.

[Jezebel: The Truth About Cocaine Vagina]

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