Palin Flack Thinks Obama Can Learn a Thing or Two from Mickey Rourke

Nicolle Wallace is a Republican operative whose resumé includes working for the Bush White House and handling the early media strategy for Sarah Palin's VP run. She's the lady who decided those Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric interviews were a good idea. There is basically no reason whatsoever to take any advice she gives at this point.

But here she is today, writing for Tina Brown's fledgling Internet concern, the Daily Beast, that President-elect Obama could learn a thing or two from Golden Globe winner and Riptide obsession Mickey Rourke. Rourke thanked his dogs during his acceptance speech this past Sunday, and Wallace was surprised to learn he's a Chihuahua man. From that she deduces that when Obama finally gets his much-buzzed-about puppy, he should, um, pet it and stuff. Because it helped Mickey Rourke. Brilliant!

"Even though you have a million people ready to take responsibilities

off your hands, don't hand off Fido. Rub his belly. Let him sleep with

the girls. Take him out in the morning and enjoy watching the sun light

up the Washington Monument while he does his business. I know it's hard

to imagine right now with the entire nation -- Democrats and

Republicans -- pulling for you, but trust me on this one. As the enormity

of the office you are about to assume sets in next Tuesday, you will

appreciate the precious gift of a little dog who knows you."

Is this how you get your credibility back after helping run one of

the worse political media strategies in recent history? Simply say basic

stuff that no one can really disagree with until everyone forgets your

Palin blunders? If you get a dog, make sure to pet it! Eat breakfast every morning! Wave to your constituents! Remember to breathe!

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