Ozzie Guillen Biopic in the Works

While Ozzie Guillen's Miami story may have come to a quick and bizarre end, his life story may be coming to the big screen. Actor John Ortiz is reportedly meeting with Ozzie in the hopes of turning the controversial skipper's life into a Hollywood movie.

Ortiz, whom you might remember from his turns in the Miami Vice movie or from his latest part in Silver Linings Playbook, thinks Guillen's life could make for a Moneyball-like feature.

"Ozzie Guillen and I are going to meet when I'm in Chicago," he told ShowBizCafe.com. "I don't want to make a straight up baseball movie, but something along the lines of 'Moneyball.' It'd be a lot more than just 9 guys on the baseball diamond. I want to do something where we focus on the profession of him being a baseball manager, how complex of a man he is, the culture, immigration, Chicago, Miami, [Fidel] Castro, there is so much there. I'm fascinated with him, I think he's such a charismatic dude and people seem to love him or hate him. So I think he'd be a great subject for a movie."

Seems like things are still very much in the planning stages, but Guillen's life would certainly make for some interesting popcorn fare. Hell, his time in Miami alone could make for a good movie. What with all the Castro-controversy, feuding with players, and ending up unceremoniously dismissed.

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