Over the Weekend - UFOs, Bachelor Pods, Sparano not Soprano and more...

Welcome back to the first full work week since Christmas. The good news is that HBO's The Wire returned for its fifth and final season last night. The show is the best thing on television hands down. This season's theme is the media ... should be interesting. If you already watch it you know the greatness of which I speak, if you don't, you should.

Also on a bright and cheery note, the New Times has collected all of the best true crime stories from the 2007 pages of our wonderful country-crossing chain for your reading pleasure.

Dennis Kucinich may be out of the race for President, but he still has friends in high places. Once a month the Ft. Lauderdale-Miami UFO group gets together to discuss the latest developments from above.

Photo by Tovin Lapan

Ever since my childhood dream of being a marine biologist first materialized in my sugar-loaded brain, I've wanted to swim with dolphins. Well, I finally got my chance, and let me tell you, being a dolphin is better than I ever imagined.

Speaking of Dolphins, the heavily padded and 1 - 15 variety are still looking for a new coach after The Big Tuna came in and canned Cam Cameron. Our sports guy says the Cowboy's Tony Sparano could get the nod. He also suggests that maybe if we are going to have Parcells, we should bring back Drew Bledsoe too.

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