Over The Weekend - Swim Week, Jamie Lidell and Poplife

Surprisingly, the rain wasn't much of a problem this weekend, I bet much to the relief of the organizers of our city's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Humidity, on the other hand, brought back horrendous memories from my childhood of being trapped in my bedroom sick with the humidifier my mother placed inside, assuring me I'd feel better in the morning. I want to know who approved of such form of child abuse.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim 2009

Ivon David Rojas

This event still has one more day to go, but the weekend saw plenty of action. Diesel, Ed Hardy, Red Carter and more all showcased their latest resort and swimwear collections to who's who (no, really, who went?) of Miami. Check of the slide shows here, here, here, here and here.

Jamie Lidell at Heathrow Lounge

Justin Namon

English jazz/soul/electronic/whathaveyou musician Jamie Lidell returned to Miami once again with the help of the Poplife crew. Too bad the fire marshal kept people who had bought their ticket in advance outside due to capacity issues.

Poplife 9th Anniversary with Free Blood at White Room

Justin Namon

Even after nine years of the weekly party Poplife, its creators Barbara Basti and Amaris Lorie are still introducing new music to the city. Brooklyn band Free Blood made its Miami debut Saturday night, easily winning over the crowd with its electrorock romp. Check out the slide show and click here for our interview with Basti and Lorie.

- Jose D. Duran

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