Over the Weekend - Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, Candyland 13 and King Mango Strut

There were plenty of exciting things that happened during 2008, but the final week of the year was just as busy as any other. Mild, sunny weather meant it was a great weekend to relax poolside and call up your friends up north to remind them that you haven't even broken in your winter sweater.

But just in case Christmas dinner and visiting relatives kept you at home, here is what you missed over the weekend:

Steve Aoki at B.E.D.

Tony Vargas

Hipster icon and DJ Steve Aoki once again was booked at an unusual venue as downtown hipster kids and your typical South Beach patrons got together to catch the L.A. scenester. Click here to view the full slideshow.

Deadmau5 at Mansion

Ivon David Rojas

Normally, we fawn over Toronto DJ Deadmau5, but his set Saturday night at Mansion was a bit too hard, making it virtually undanceable. However, you've got to respect a man who takes risks. Click here tor read our review.

Candyland 13 at Soho Studios

Logan Fazio

Glowsticks? Pacifiers? Furry boots? Is it 1998 again? Sure felt like it at Candyland 13, which took over Soho Studios in Wynwood Saturday night. Click here to view the full slideshow.

King Mango Strut 2008

Ian Witlen

Sarah Palin, a lame-duck George W. Bush and the economy weren't safe at this year's King Mango Strut parade in Coconut Grove, which featured South Beach's most famous rooster, Mr. Clucky, as its grand marshall. Click here to view the full slideshow.

That's it for 2008. Here's hoping 2009 is just as exciting!

-- Jose D. Duran

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