Over the Weekend: Sneaker Pimps and Surf Nazis on Ecstasy

The rain doesn't stop! We know it's "the rainy season," but this is getting ridiculous. We can't remember the last time it rained this much. Let's hope rain is all we get this season, because hurricane season has officially started. So while we stock up on canned good and batteries, here is what you missed over the weekend:

Sneaker Pimps at the Moore Building

We've got to admit, we don't understand how grown men have basically turned the sneaker into a shoe obsession. It's sort of like when you were a kid and you played with action figures that were basically dolls, but God forbid if anyone called it a doll. Jimmy Choo or Nike, they are still shoes -- we wonder if they realize that. Click here to view the full slideshow from Saturday's Sneaker Pimps event.

Surf Nazis on Ecstasy at Goo

People who complain that Miami's underground music scene is dead have never been to Goo in Little Haiti. Every week the venue hosts countless of "unknown" acts, both local and national. Saturday, thrash-punk trio Surf Nazis on Ecstasy took to the stage. Click here to view the full slideshow.

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