Over the Weekend - Jingle Ball, Hot Imports and a Dolphins Victory

Let's see, what happened this weekend ... oh right after my car wouldn't start while trying to leave the New Times Holiday Party and getting a tow at 2 a.m., the next day I was forced to watch in person as my beloved Baltimore Ravens handed the Dolphins their first win of the season. From the way Fins fans were acting after the game, you would've thought they won the Super Bowl. Tis the season to spit in your friendly Web Editor's face. You're welcome Miami.

Y 100 Jingle Ball – Timbaland, Plain White Ts, Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, Sean Kingston, and Good Charlotte gave all the confused

teens in South Florida an early Chrismakah present.

Hot Import Nights – The Convention Center was full of hundreds of tricked-out rides competing for titles like Hottest Mild/Hottest Wild Honda, Hottest Interior, Hottest Female Ride, and more. The ladies got their turn in the spotlight too, competing for the top spot in go-go dancer and fashionista categories and strutting their stuff in lingerie and anime/fantasy fashion shows.

Hail to the Blog – One of the South Florida's more popular blogs, Stuck on the Palemetto, has pulled the plug.

-- Tovin Lapan

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Tovin Lapan