Over the Weekend - CocoWalk Carnival, Brazilian Pigskin, Gun Control and Colbert

Don Shula, Mercury Morris and the rest of the 1972 Dolphins can breath easy for another year as the New York Giants beat the Patriots and preserved the Fins as the only undefeated team in NFL history (in case you missed it).

Ivon David Rojas

CocoWalk Carnival -- Lent is fast approaching, so all those good Catholics out there headed out to the Grove to get their groove on before they have to be boring for 40 days.

Rod the Bod -- Rod Stewart returns to his rock roots but tips his hat to those who came out for the classic hit songs at Hard Rock Live.

Wedding Mural -- Walter Harris has been collecting his wedding photos into a collage for 35 years, and now it must all come down as he moves out of his studio.

Stephen Colbert -- Coral Gables may think it's to cool to be attacked by the Colbert Report, it would be wrong.

The Real Pigskin -- Brave reporter Calvin Godfrey decided to forsake Super Bowl Sunday so he could make the delicious but complicated traditional Brazilian dish feijoada.

Gun Control -- Florida got eight out of a possible 100 points from the Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence, just below Texas.

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