Over The Weekend - Bikes, Blue Men, Teen Rock Idols and A Film Festival

Gas prices are going through the roof, the Democrats can't decide who will lead the damn party and the weather here has been as insane as it has always been. But luckily there was a plethora of things to do this weekend, enough to keep your mind off of the world's trouble, if only for a few hours.

Ivon David Rojas

The Jonas Brothers kicked the weekend off at the BankAtlantic Center. The stadium was packed with girls swooning over the young rock stars. Who would have thought that a couple of young kids with instruments could have that power over an entire generation of girls?

Marco Kornfeld

The Blue Man Group followed on Saturday at the American Airlines Arena. With a show and an after party, people sure got their fix of blue paint for weeks to come.

If you avoided the international film festival because of the pretentious air that surrounds it, then the Miami Underground Film Festival, otherwise known as MUFF, had what you needed. Films, booze and a laid back attitude. Now, that's a festival.

Marco Kornfeld

Bike enthusiasts flocked to Daytona Beach to share in their love for the two-wheeled machines, oh and meat, lot's of barbecued meat.

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