Osama Bin Laden "Removed" by Pope John Paul II, says Peruvian President Alan Garcia

Pope John Paul II may have died six years ago, but the recently beatified Pole still packs quite a holy punch. At least, so believes Peruvian president Alan Garcia, who credited JPII for "removing" Osama Bin Laden earlier today during the dedication of a hydroelectric power station in Cusco.

"His first miracle was to remove from the world the incarnation of evil, the demonic incarnation of crime and hatred," Garcia told reporters, "giving us the news that the person who blew up towers and buildings is no longer."

Well, that's one way to look at it.

Garcia also suggested that fellow conservative George W. Bush deserved more credit for Bin Laden's death than Barack Obama.

"I think it's great news that should please Mr. Obama," Garcia said. "It also vindicates Mr. George W. Bush, who was the one who took the decision to punish Osama (Bin Laden) and patiently continue this work that has finally born fruit."

Why yes, if by "patiently continue this work" Garcia means how Bush started an unnecessary war in Iraq and let Afghanistan descend into chaos.

Of course, the Peruvian president isn't exactly an authority on the subject. He may know Catholicism like the back of his pudgy, ethically questionable hand, but the Andean country he runs is a helluva long way from either Ground Zero or the Middle East.

What will JPII's second "miracle" be, taking out Muammar Gaddafi? And since when do saints snuff out international terrorists?

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