Orlando is America's Smuttiest City; Miami Only 12th

Miami may be a leader in producing web porn, but when it comes to watching porno we don't even come -- ahem -- close to some of Florida's other big metro areas, apparently. Men's Health ranked America's biggest porn consuming capitals, and Miami only came in twelfth. Orlando, meanwhile, is apparently America's smut capital.

Reports Men's Health:

We peered through a statistical peephole to tabulate the following criteria: the number of DVDs purchased, rented, or streamed (AdultDVDEmpire.com); adult entertainment stores per city (StorErotica.net); rate of porn searches (Google Insights); and, for fans of soft-core, percentage of Cinemax-subscribing households (SimplyMap). Not only were Orlando folks the randiest residents, but Florida was also the most salacious state.

Here are the top 12:

1. Orlando, FL

2. Las Vegas, NV

3. Wilmington, DE

4. Raleigh, NC

5. Charlotte, NC

6. Minneapolis, MN

7. Atlanta, GA

8. Tampa, FL

9. Anchorage, AK

10. Austin, TX

11. Boise, ID

12. Miami, FL

From the looks of this list it seems that the South will rise again ... and again ... and again. Unless they're not. Interestingly, Southern cities also dominate the bottom ten of the list as well. Jackson, Mississippi, actually comes in dead last. They're probably avid masturbators up there in Jackson, but maybe they just ain't too good with figuring out how to get them bobbies on their computer box.

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