Oreo Crumb Tea Bag Invented by Miami Students

Love the taste of a glass of milk after you've ravaged it with half a sleeve of Oreo cookies, but perhaps your gut would like you to avoid, you know, eating half a sleeve of them? Well, four Miami Ad School students have a solution: the Orea tea bag. Finally, a tea party we can all enjoy.

Though, it's just an advertising idea and not an actual product, the stroke of genius was the brainchild of Michael Malz, Jacob Gale, Kelly Saucier, and Michael Grosso.

"Crumbs left over from an Oreo package should never go to waste," the ad copy says. "Oreo Crumb Case is a 'tea bag' enclosure for Oreo crumbs that will infuse your milk with Oreo flavor. After all, Oreo is a milk's favorite cookie."

Granted, we're not entirely sure why one couldn't just smash up the extra Oreo crumbs and sprinkle them in milk, but as a bit of advertising, the concept is certainly eye-catching.

[Ads of the World via Gizmodo]

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