Opa-locka Set to Extend Saggy Pants Ban to Women

Back in 2007, the city of Opa-locka made headlines by passing an ordinance aimed directly at the hip-hop trend of sagging your pants so low that half of your boxer shorts are on public display. Any man caught exposing his underwear in public could be fined $250.

Now the city commission is set to extend the ordinance to women, and we're guessing they're setting their sites on a different problem: "whale tail."

Commissioner Dorothy Johnson is behind the expansion of the bill. She told the Miami Herald she's seen way too many women in her town letting their underthings peek out. She says she was acted to move after she saw a little boy tell his mother to pull her pants up because a man was staring at her semi-exposed panties.

Of course, some women do sag their pants like they're 1990s gangster rappers, but here in Miami-Dade the problem of "whale tail" is far more prevalent. That's the chonga-beloved style of letting your thong panties ride up over your pants' waistline.

The commission has already given initial approval to the bill, and it's set to be passed in December.

Fines will also be raised to $500 or 25 hours of community service for members of both genders. Though, Johnson says she wants to raise community awareness about the issue and plans to hold town hall events as well. Johnson also hopes that female police officers are charged with enforcing the ban for women.

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