One Party United Under Hip-Hop


Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the Supreme Court

stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New

Times. This week, Luke starts a worldwide political movement.


this time last year, undercover racist movement Take America Back began to take shape. Its members questioned Barack Obama's U.S.

citizenship and his religious faith. Now the Tea Party radicals are

poised to do damage to America in the upcoming November elections.

Well, today I'm starting my own counterrevolution, one that calls

on everybody, not just Americans, but the entire human race to come

together under hip-hop. I'm talking about a worldwide political

party that everyone can relate to.


Hip-Hop Party will be the first to go beyond the borders of the

United States -- because hip-hop lovers come in all shapes, sizes,

colors, and nationalities.


its history, this music has bridged the gap between cultures and ways

of life.

You certainly weren't going to find out in a schoolbook

how young, inner-city black men felt about police. You had to listen

to N.W.A. The same thing with Eminem. Here is a white rapper talking

about his trials and tribulations. Even actor Will Smith, who was a

vanilla rapper, wouldn't be where he is today without hip-hop.


music's influence reaches across the globe. We will sprout local

Hip-Hop Party chapters in Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney, and

in every city in Africa. If Jay-Z can go to Germany or France to do a

concert for 100,000 people, he can get them to join the movement.

Groups like the Beastie Boys and the Wu-Tang Clan would be our



would be one of the most powerful political parties ever assembled.

Hip-hop has already flexed its political muscle for the Democratic

Party through Get Out the Vote drives by P. Diddy and Russell

Simmons. President Obama wouldn't be commander in chief without

Jay-Z. But this isn't about Democrats or Republicans. Or about

being to the left or to the right. Or about who is liberal or



than anything, the Hip-Hop Party can successfully tackle economic

development. Look at every major independent rap label out there,

from Bad Boy Entertainment to Cash Money to Roc-A-Fella. All of those

companies are owned by guys who either sold records from the trunk of

their car or set up shop in their mom's living room.

P. Diddy,

Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, and Birdman all started businesses in their

communities and created jobs for people. Imagine if all of those cats

got together and formulated plans to bring employment to every

ghetto? Sky's the limit.


if there is one thing we'll take from the Tea Party, it's the

bluntness of its members. They let you know how they feel about you

even though their comments belong at a Klan rally. They stick to who

they are. That is what the Hip-Hop Party has to do.


don't want any flip-floppers. That means Chad Ochocinco will be our

first candidate. But we're closing the door on Jesse Jackson and Al



Luke on Twitter: @unclelukereal1.

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