One Of These Things Looks Like The Other

Look Liker, a very important website that exists solely to provide the valuable service of pointing out that from certain angles various persons of note somewhat resemble each other, brought us the news yesterday that Dolphins QB Chad Pennington sorta, kinda looks like reigning geek hero of the cinema Michael Cera.

Which eases the existential questions of "Are the Dolphins all of a sudden that good or are the Patriots a worthless collection of crap sans Giselle-Humper-in-Chief Tom Brady?" No, no, no. Last weekend's win was simple. Pennington's cousin/underage pregnant girlfriend/pleasantly plump bff/pleasantly plump underage pregnant cousin was in the crowd, and after lots of coy awkwardness, he finally got his shit together to impress her/him/it.

It's only a matter of time until Sportscenter hires Diablo Cody to write and direct a short in the style of that HIGH-LAR-I-OUS Tony Soprano/Tony Sparano clip.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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