One Arrested in Brutal Strip Club Beating, Four More Sought

Strip clubs should be happy places. Well, maybe not for the girls winding and grinding up on those polls (while they're just hiding that pain deep in their souls), but for the dudes right? There's boobs everywhere, shouldn't they just be content to be chilling? Then why do so many horrible, horrible things happen in and around our strip clubs?

Twenty-five-year-old Getro Dolicine and five men he got into an argument were all kicked out of Coco's Lounge in Northwest Miami-Dade on June 11. That's when the five men went after him, and delivered a savage beating. Surveillance footage shows that once Dolicine was knocked out on the ground the men continue to punch him and throw heavy objects at his head.

Thirty-year-old Alexis Mackendly has already been arrested and is being charged with attempted murder. Police are searching for the four other suspects. [NBCMiami | Herald]

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