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On Israel, Biden has a record, Palin has a flag

A year ago everyone thought this election was going to be Clinton vs. Giuliani. Four months ago it became Obama vs. McCain. Now its pretty much Sarah Palin vs. the World, or at least Sarah Palin and her positions on the world. Because besides the fact that she's pro-makeup for attack dogs and isn't so big on that whole abortion thing, no one in the lower 48 seems to know yet where she stands on a lot of issues.

Jewish voters, a large block in Florida, are particularly interested in her stance on Israel. Don't worry, guys, the Palm Beach Post is reporting she once had a little Israeli flag in her office.

While Biden can point to a decades-long record of supporting Israel in the U.S. Senate, the Republican Jewish Coalition sought to bolster Palin’s pro-Israel credentials last week by circulating a video clip that shows her displaying a small flag of Israel in the governor’s office in Juneau.

Riptide agrees! This makes her absolutely, totally qualified to take on complicated foreign affairs issues.

Not that Jewish voters have much to worry about with Palin (uh, on that issue anyway). She's stated she's pro-Israel. But Biden, who calls himself a zionist and sponsored the Palestinean anti-terrorism act of 2006, has the best record to back those claims up. Owning a flag doesn't measure up.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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