Omar Blandino Rivera Recorded Himself Raping Woman He Met at a Hialeah Party

Omar Ventura Blandino Rivera faces charges of sexual battery and video voyeurism after he allegedly recorded himself raping an unconscious woman he had met at a party in Hialeah this past December.

Blandino Rivera was at the party with his girlfriend, a friend of the victim. The victim had drank two glasses of wine and wasn't feeling well so the girlfriend asked Blandino Rivera to drive her home.

The last thing the victim remembers is Blandino Rivera stopping at a gas station to buy a bottle of orange juice and insisting that the woman drink it. She has no recollection of what happened next until she woke up naked the next morning at his apartment.

According to Local 10, Blandino Rivera told the woman not to tell anyone about what had happened or he would report her to immigration officials.

Blandino Rivera however took video on his cell phone of the sexual assault, and decided to show his girlfriend. The girlfriend confronted the victim about it, and it was then that she decided to go to police. The victim believes that Blandino Rivera may have put something in the orange juice that left her unconscious.

Blandino Rivera contends that the woman had agreed to have sex with him, and that he stopped at the gas station to get condoms but also got the OJ because the woman was thirsty.

He says that had sex three times that night, but during the second time the victim was asleep. It was during that encounter that he decided to tape the assault. Police reviewed the video, and in it the woman is not moving or talking. Blandino Rivera was then arrested.

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