Olympic Gymnast Danell Leyva's Semi-Naked Body Is Now Yours For The Viewing

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It hasn't been the best of days for Olympic gold-medal hopeful and Miami resident Danell Leyva. First, he and the U.S. men's team floundered in the all-around team competition, finishing fifth in the field of eight in London. And just this afternoon, sports blog Deadspin got its hands on some revealing photos of Leyva, apparently self-taken, showing him in various stages of undress.

If you'd like to check out the whole (somewhat NSFW) spread, check out Deadspin's post here.

Deadspin claims to have gotten the photos from an anonymous woman, who told the site that Leyva has a proclivity for sending semi-nudes of himself to the ladies. She also added that Leyva had "sorta played" her on a photo exchange, so I guess it's fair to say that he didn't stick the landing with her. And if you think that joke was bad, don't worry, there are plenty worse coming.

Despite the heavy presence of tight underwear and shorts strategically pulled down below the waist, the photos are pretty tame. Leyva's pretty much mastered the art of the covered crotch shot, and his wardrobe isn't all that revealing. There are even a few shots where it looks like he has chalk dust on him, so we're going to assume those were taken after a particularly steamy session of working the parallel bars, or whatever gymnastics-themed sex pun floats your boat.

Leyva and his U.S. teammates missed out on gold earlier today, but he's got two more chances for individual medals this week and next in the all-around competition and the horizontal bars.

And even if he doesn't bring home any precious metal from London, with a body like that, he'll have plenty of women clamoring to vault his pommel horse or swing from his rings or, again, some gymnastics double entendre.

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