Old Episode of seaQuest Guarantees Marlins Will Win 2010 World Series

Is there even any point in playing the season now that we know for a fact the Marlins will win the World Series this year? It has been foretold by the oracles of our time: the props department of long-canceled "near-future" submarine drama seaQuest DSV. (For the record, we have no idea why the show's title has that weird capitalization, and we too thought DSV was a porn term.)


The incredibly industrious mind behind Wezen-Ball.com not only found the episode where the late Jonathan Brandis wears a Marlins' jersey reading "World Series Champions 2010" on the back, but he even uploaded the above screen shot. Throw this into the bin with Lady Gaga's penis -- you know, the one marked "Shit We Would've Never Contemplated If It Wasn't for the Blogosphere, and We're Not Sure If That's a Good or a Bad Thing."

Prudent Marlins are reportedly already getting their ring fingers sized to beat the November rush.

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