O.J. Simpson Officially Purged From Miami-Dade Voter Rolls

For all those worried that O.J. Simpson is such an upstanding citizen dedicated to civic involvement that he'd try and vote despite his felony convictions and the fact he's sitting in a Nevada jail cell can finally breathe a sigh of relief. He's officially been scrubbed from Miami-Dade's voter rolls.

Back in October it was discovered that Simpson was still registered to vote in Florida. Felons are removed from the rolls once convicted in Florida (though, not necessarily just for convictions in Florida), and Simpson is still serving time for armed robbery and kidnapping two memorabilia dealers back in 2008.

Simpson had registered at his former Kendall address back in 2000 with no party affiliation and up until recently was still eligible to vote.

According to Naked Politics, the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections finally got around to purging him from the voter rolls last month. A letter was sent to Simpson in November telling him he would be purged. He was officially purged on December 10, and a letter was sent notifying him on December 16.

Of course, the incident did raise questions to how many felons are still listed as eligible to vote in Miami-Dade. While it appears that felons are purged if they are convicted in Florida, the system for checking if they had been convicted in other states is flawed.

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