Oddly, Saints Fans Don't Plan Mass Burning of Reggie Bush Jerseys

We were under the impression that any time a sports superstar decided to take his talents to South Beach, his former fans erupted in mass hysteria and jersey burning. Perhaps over-eagerly anticipating another LeBron-like situation, The New Orleans Times-Picayune decided to ask its readers if they planned any Reggie Bush jersey bonfires. Most of them thought that was just the stupidest idea.

"Are you a betrayed fan who will burn or ceremoniously discard your Bush jersey to say goodbye to the tailback who left you for South Beach?" asked the paper's Saints blog.

Who Dat Nation overwhelmingly responded with a, "Um, no."

"He earned his jersey and place on the team and greatly contributed to winning SBXLIV," wrote one commenter. "Keep it... especially the ones with the SB patch. Good luck Bush."

"It'll go in the drawer next to my ricky Williams jersey," wrote another.

"Please don't be like the people up here in Ohio! I'm keeping my Reggie Bush jersey!," chimed in another. "Dude is good and helped other people as well. He did his part on the field but went above and beyond in the community and off the field!"

Granted, the Bush situation is a bit different than the LeBron James situation. Bush didn't dangle the possibility of leaving out in front of fans for months and announce his decision on primetime. Plus, the Dolphins are far from the Super Friends of talent that the Miami Heat are. There's also the matter that Bush helped the Saints win a Championship, and fans there seem to feel that they've already got the best out of Bush.

All things considered, New Orleans fans know there's worse things that can happen to a city than a young, still maturing sports talent leaving town. Which is more than we can say for those whiners up there in Cleveland.

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