Obama's TV Preferences Reveal Him to Be Shockingly Un-Elitist

The right wing was eager to paint Obama as some sort of arugula-eating hippie elitist with immaculate, highfalutin taste that would turn off the common man. Silently, Riptide wished this was true. Turns out that if Obama's TV habits are any indication, he has the taste of your regular bro.

Entourage happens to be the POTUS's favorite show, according to Politico. It also happens to be the biggest bro show to hit the bro tube pretty much ever. Yes, it airs on the elitist HBO, but Entourage is every frat brother's dream come true. It's the male version of Sex and the City, and just imagine how much shit a female politician would get if she let it slip that she secretly idolized Carrie Bradshaw. Besides that, Obama occasionally dials into SportsCenter and sits down to watch SpongeBob with his girls.

It's really not much of a surprise. We should have known Obama's television tastes erred to the middlebrow when he picked Leno over Letterman to make his big late-night TV appearance. If Obama were a true elitist -- you know, the elitist we were happily led to believe we were voting for -- his TiVo would be filled with a mixture of Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, Big Love, Isabella Rossellini's Green PornoNewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and hour and hours of British sitcoms.

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