Obama's Approval Rating Among Hispanics Has Dropped 23 Points This Year

President Obama's owes his reelection in part thanks to the Latino vote. But in the year since being elected to a second term, his approval rating has dropped a stunning 23 points among Hispanic voters.

However, that's in part thanks to the fact that his approval ratings among the demographic was so high a year ago.

According to Gallup, his approval rating among Hispanics was a whopping 75 percent back in December 2012.

Last month, his approval rating among that same group was just 52 percent. That's still a majority, but it's a dramatic drop.

Although, it's still better than his overall 41 percent approval rating. That's down from 53 percent in Dec. 2012.

However, that Hispanic drop is the highest of any single group. There was an 18 percent drop among those making less than $24,000-a-year, 17 percent total drop among non-whites, and a 16 percent drop among moderates.

His approval rating is down 11 percent among non-Hispanic whites (42 to 31 percent), and 9 points among Blacks (92 to 83 percent).

His smallest drop was among Conservative Republicans, but that's only because his approval rating amongst them was just 7 percent in Dec. 2012. It's 5 percent now.

Gallup posits that the drop amongst Hispanics reflects that their view of Obama is less fixed than other races or ethnic groups, and thus is more liable to drop and rise in accordance with his job performance.

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