Obama Nominates Kendrick Meek to United Nations Post

We're actually kind of surprised it took this long for someone to appoint Kendrick Meek to something. The White House has announced that it will nominate the former South Florida congressman to a representative position at the United Nations.

Meek gave up what seemed like a congressional seat he could have held for years in order to take the thankless job of running as the Democratic Party's nominee for Florida Senate in 2010. He ended up finishing third behind Republican Marco Rubio and independent Charlie Crist. Since then he's been running a consulting firm and working as editorial director of the political website Politics365.

Now, Politics365 reports that he's been picked for the U.N. Job:

President Barack Obama will nominate former Florida Congressman Kendrick Meek as one of three U.S. representatives to the United Nations General Assembly, which opens its next session September 13 in New York.

Obama will also nominate Mary B. DeRosa and Frank E. Loy, according to the White House.

If confirmed by the Senate, the nominees will serve with the U.S. Permanent Mission to the United Nations, under the leadership of Ambassador Susan E. Rice. The U.S. delegation assists the president and secretary of state in conducting American policy at the United Nations.

Meek amassed a lot of connections during his years in D.C., so we're actually kind of surprised it took him this long to snag some sort of appointment.

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Kyle Munzenrieder