Obama Manages To Have A Completely Normal Interview With Radio Caracol

After last week's bizarre Q&A with John McCain, Spanish language Radio Caracol 1260 am is all the sudden the hot place for Presidential candidates to get their interview on.

McCain, as you might recall, refused to confirm that his theoretical administration would meet with Spain's Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Even though they are our NATO ally, and it's been 110 years since the Spanish-American War. 300 year old McCain is old enough to remember, and is still pissed about it obviously.

Obama probably knew it was coming, but didn't hesitate stating when asked the same question:

"Spain is a NATO ally The fact that Senator McCain indicated that he might not meet with Zapatero I think indicates that he wants to continue the Cheney policies of trying to dictate American foreign policy instead of trying to build cooperation, and I think that's a mistake."

Obama also addressed how he'll handle the Hugo Chavez situation.

"We spend the same amount in Latin America in an entire year that we spend in Iraq in one week. That has created, I think, a void which people like Chavez have been able to fill. I think it's important for us to not overreact to Chavez. I think what we have to do is just let Chavez know that we don't want him exporting anti-American sentiment and causing trouble in the region, but that we are interested in having a respectful dialogue with everybody in Latin America in terms of figuring out how we can improve the day to day lives of people."

Which you can take to mean that he has a nuanced and level headed view on Latin American relations, or that he is too timid to nuke those Socialist dictators back to Kingdom Come if need be -- depending on whatever preexisting bias you hold.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder