Obama Is the Joker? Pinellas GOP Chairman Is a Fan

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We simply do not get this Obama as the Joker poster that's making the rounds. What does the joker have to do with Socialism? The Joker = anarchy, right? Which is pretty much the antithesis of socialism. It would pass for something resembling humor if it said "Why So Socialist?" but it does not. So no-LOL. 

There's also the not-so-subtle fact that it depicts the commander-in-chief in white face, and, as you might have heard, Obama is our first black president. 

Well, the Pinellas County Republican Party's supposed Facebook page has become obsessed with the image, making no less than six posts about it in the past day. Whoever controls the page wondered, "Didn't Saul Alinsky teach that ridiculing one's opponent is a revolutionary act? Isn't this a form or [sic] protected speech?"

We'll leave the fact that Republicans are now championing the author of Rules for Radicles aside for the moment.  

Democratic state Rep. Darryl Rouson is not very pleased with the local GOP parading around an image of the president in white face. 

"If there had never been a period of time in this country when African-Americans in order to be funny played Stepin Fetchit type roles in greasepaint, and members of the majority population had not used such caricatures to make a people feel inferior or as buffoons, then maybe some folks could look at it for some pure artistic humor," Rouson said according to The Buzz. "But for many of us, it conjures up feelings of denigration."

But turns out the Pinellas GOP is denying that they have anything to do with the page. The page does clearly say that it is "unofficial." 

Funny thing is that the Pinellas GOP's own chairman, Jay Beyrouti, is a fan of the page. 

Not to mention that their legal council, Brian Battaglia, is too. 

A number of other Republican officials, including CEO candidate Sen. Jeff Atwater, St. Pete City Council candidate Ed Montanari, former Pinellas County schoolboard member and current County Commissioner Nancy Nelis Bostock, and Deborah Cox-Roush, Chairman of the Hillsborough Republican Party, are also fans. And that's just who we found by googling the name of old people who were fans of the page. 

The Pinellas GOP's official website has a link to a Facebook page on their website, but when you click it, it goes no where. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.