Obama Has a Nine-Point Lead Among Florida's Children

We all know Obama hates the 1 percent, and Romney could care less about the 47 percent, but the cold hard truth is that neither campaign has done anything to gain support from the 24.6 percent. Yes, we're talking about the 24.6 percent under the legal age to vote. America's children! How arrogant of these candidates to ignore these American citizens just because they can't cast a ballot and are more concerned about losing their Beyblades and Bratz dolls than their jobs! 

Regardless, Scholastic has decided to poll these ignored Americans. And, as it turns out, President Obama is mopping the floor with Romney. Nationally Obama has a 51-45 lead among the underaged. 

Here in Florida that lead is even larger, with Obama taking a 53-44 lead. Four percent would chose someone else (sources tell us Justin Bieber was a popular write-in candidate despite not being born in America). 

"The Scholastic Student Vote invited young people under the legal voting age of 18 to cast their vote for President in a mock election,"

 Scholastic says

. "They could vote online at www.scholastic.com/vote or by mailing in paper ballots found in Scholastic classroom magazines. Almost a quarter million (250,000) students voted from August 15 until the online poll closed on October 10."

Scholastic has been holding the mock vote for decades, and only two times did their results differ from the actual results. The last time that was happened was in 1960 when kids picked Richard Nixon over JFK (which, what the hell, we just always assumed the sight of Richard Nixon sent kids to hide directly under the beds). 

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