Obama and Nelson Leading in Florida According to NBC Poll; Nelson and Mack Tied in Q Poll

Another day, another poll, another outcome. Yesterday, Qunnipiac released a poll in Florida that found Mitt Romney had taken the lead in Florida, and today they've released a poll showing that Bill Nelson and Connie Mack IV are now tied in the Senate race. Though, today also saw the release of an NBC-Marist poll which claims that President Obama and Nelson each have four point leads in their respective races in the Sunshine State.

According to yesterday's Quinnipiac poll, Mitt Romney had a six point lead against Obama, 47 to 41.

Today's NBC-Marist poll shows a different result. 45 percent of Floridians say they'd vote for Obama, and only 40 percent say they'd vote for Romney. When you include voters who haven't quite made up there mind but are leaning one way or another, those numbers become 48 for Obama and 44 for Romney.

If Jeb Bush was chosen as Romney's running mate, those numbers change to 47-45 in favor of Obama. With Marco Rubio as Romney's running mate, it's back to 48-44.

In the Senate Race, Bill Nelson is leading 43-38, NBC found; for voters leaning towards one candidate, that's a 46-42 lead for Nelson.

Quinnipiac released their results in the Senate race today as well. They found a statistical tie with Mack getting 43 percent to Nelson's 42 percent. It's an interesting result, considering that Nelson actually lead among independent voters, and some are grumbling that Q's voter samples in Florida are somewhat biased towards Republicans.

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