Obama Addresses Congressional Hispanic Caucus Gala, Sings Happy Birthday to Marc Anthony

President Obama last night addressed the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala, where he touted the number of Hispanics he has appointed to high-level positions and his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, and stressed that the problems Hispanics face are the problems America as a whole faces. 

An excerpt from his speech (full remarks available here): 

Now, we face enormous challenges as a nation. Many of those challenges are felt far more acutely by Latinos. But our ability to solve any of the problems we face -- from health care to education, from economic recovery to immigration reform -- depends on our willingness to recognize that our destiny is shared. We've seen this starkly throughout this economic crisis, as fortunes linked the small business owner on Main Street and the bond trader on Wall Street, the young family looking to refinance a mortgage to the large bank whose profits depend on their staying out of foreclosure. But this has always been true, in good times and bad. Our success has long depended on our willingness to see our challenges as ones we have to face together; our willingness to live up to a simple ideal: Todos somos Americanos. We are all Americans.

He also gave shout-outs to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, minority owners of the Miami Dolphins, who were quite busy on Capitol Hill yesterday. 

I want to congratulate Marc Anthony, not only because it's his birthday -- [applause] -- but also because he's being honored tonight as an artist who has shared not only his music but his heritage with all of us. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that [CHC Chairwoman] Nydia [Velazquez] has a crush on you that you were provided this award. She's not alone. I'm telling you, J.Lo, watch out.

The president later led the group in singing "Happy Birthday" to Anthony, who was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the event.

The power couple had earlier in the day toured the White House with their 19-month-old twins and met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to discuss scholarship and education opportunities for Hispanics.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.