NY Jets' Thomas Jones Likes to Unwind with Golden Girls Marathons

Thomas Jones. Running back for our heated rivals the New York Jets. 2009 Pro Bowl starter. First round draft pick in 2000. Star of a Trina video. Even if he does play for our rivals, you have to admit he's pretty much a bad ass. 

So how does he like to rewind? The same way as your hair dresser probably does: a Golden Girls marathon! 

From Newsday:

"My favorite thing to do to relax is sit on the couch and watch the 'Golden Girls' marathon," Jones said in a rare sitdown interview that Newsday took part in Thursday. "It's just relaxing because it kind of puts me in a mind-set of how things kind of used to be.

"The world is a crazy place now. You've got so much stuff going on. When I see that show, it reminds me of those times when you could go outside and have fun and ride your bike all day.

"So I just try to do whatever I can to take me back to where things were normal. A lot of people are like, 'Oh, he's an NFL player and he's watching "The Golden Girls''?' But it's just the fact and principle of it."
Never mind, that it's a show set in Miami during the '80s, and if the Golden Girls stepped outside into the wrong side of town they could be murdered, offered coke, or propositioned by tranny hookers.

In fact, don't you remember the episode where Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose got arrested for suspicion of being prostitutes and Sophia had to bail them out? I bet Thomas Jones does.

Meanwhile, Jones himself spent most of the summer in Miami training away from most of his teammates -- who it seems may neither be his friends nor his confidants.

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Kyle Munzenrieder