Now The Battle Begins: Blu-ray At Center of Console War

It's like taking someone's gun and saying, "Now, shoot."

The Xbox 360 had an early lead in this console war, but now, Microsoft seems to be faltering behind Sony (and not only in Japan, where the 360 doesn't stand a chance against Nintendo and Sony's vice-like grasp on the market.)

The end of HD-DVDs may very well prove to be a serious blow to the Microsoft machine if they don't decide quickly what they are going to do about losing their large-capacity format. It seems that Microsoft took their lead and started lording it over Sony, not noticing that their was a flying chair coming right for Microsoft's head.

Sony is close to delivering on the promises that they made way back when the PS3 was first released, and with the advantage of having beaten Toshiba's format, well, let's just say Microsoft's situation is looking pretty grim, like impending doom grim.

Let us not mention Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which stands to sell many Wiis (feel free to giggle at that one) if the sales in Japan and the anticipation here are any indicators, lest Microsoft gaming execs really go ballistic. --Elvis Ramirez

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Elvis Ramirez