Notes on an Inauguration

Our very own Gus Garcia-Roberts is in Washington, D.C., and once he escapes the tens of thousands of Obamaniacs in the Mall, he'll be filing something from the very epicenter of the most historic thing ever to happen. Meanwhile, here's the take from inside a conference room at the Picasso Building.

1. Shouldn't they have practiced the actual swearing-in a bit more? Or do you think "radical" conservative Chief Justice John Roberts tried to trip Obama up on purpose, hmmmm?

2. God bless civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis and all, but he got some serious face time from the pool cameras. Especially for a man who clung to his endorsement of Hillary until it seemed pretty likely Obama would win.

3. That was the craziest national display of hats since whenever the last Kentucky derby was. Or the conventions. 

4. Haha, poor President Bush. No one wanted to clap when Obama thanked him for his service. Awkward. Seriously, when a roar of applause doesn't follow from something that comes out of Obama's mouth, you know you've got a problem. Have fun in Dallas, Dubya.

5. We don't have an inaugural address historian on staff, but we don't think it's very often that a president includes warm shout-outs to Muslims, Hindus, and Atheists (sorry, Buddhists). 

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