Not Good Timing: Stabbing at Florida Memorial University Frat Party

We're beginning to feel sorry for the public relations department of Miami Gardens' Florida Memorial University. As this week's feature story on the violence-plagued school -- think shootings, carjackings, home invasions, and a near-riot -- went to print, the first reports of a fresh stabbing on campus began to trickle in.

Details are still sparse; neither school administrators nor Miami Gardens cops responded to Riptide's inquiries. What's known so far, though, is that a fight broke out during a fraternity-hosted party at FMU's gym -- and at least one student was cut with a knife. "There were about eight fights on campus that night," says Emory Mitchell, a suspended student at the center of an October fracas that included a security guard pulling his weapon on unarmed students. "A friend of mine was stabbed, and another student was nicked."

Mitchell and other students could identify the victim only by his first name: Evell. He's the kid who kicks open the door in this now-infamous video. Mitchell says Evell is recovering and "doing fine." An FMU spokesperson told Local 10 WPLG: "Two males who do not attend Florida Memorial allegedly initiated an argument and confronted two male students who attend the University."

Lets hope this time, for FMU's sake, nobody pressed the record button on their iPhone.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts