North Miami Mayor Fights To Save 125th Street Starbucks

Starbucks recently announced plans to shut down hundreds of locations across the country, and while most of the blame has been lain on the economy, it's quite possible that Americans have finally woken up and smelled the overpriced lattes. According to NBC6, five of the soon-to-be-closed coffee spots are in South Florida.

While I'll travel to the ends of the earth for a skinny cinnamon dolce latte with soy milk, North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns isn't quite as willing to sacrifice gas for his frappuccino fix. He's fighting to keep the store on 125th Street open. He went as far as to meet with Starbucks officials, and see how they could scratch each other's backs. Not in so many words, but damn. He said:

"Right now, we are both trying to feel each other out as far as what we can provide to each other, whether it is better accessibility, more signage, maybe a different sign that they might need a variance for," Burns said. "What can we do to help save the investment that the city made and the company made in the area?"

If Starbucks does decide to close, I wonder how long it'll be before Burns realizes that they sell the cans of espresso in the 7-11 and the beans in the grocery store. Jeez, get over it. I wonder if he fights this hard for the real issues.

-- Raina McLeod

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Raina McLeod
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