Norman: Crist's Alleged Former Boy Toy Booked for Stealing Pastor's Daughter's Wedding Ring

Remember Jason Wetherington? New Times Broward-Palm Beach columnist Bob Norman penned a story about the lad, who apparently went around blabbing he had a hotel-room tryst with Gov. Charlie Crist in 2006. Wetherington also worked for Katherine Harris's hilariously failed 2006 Senate campaign. 

Anyway, per Norman, he's been charged with stealing three rings from the home of a family friend while he was housesitting. The friend: daughter of Wetherington's pastor. According to police reports, he pawned the rings and also stole $5,000 in cash from a safe. 

Wetherington never publicly claimed to have bedded Crist (in fact he denied the rumors).

Anyway, we came across Wetherington's Facebook profile a few months ago, and apparently he's batting for the other team now. Politically that is. 

We don't have access to his full profile, but the public search page lists Wetherington as a fan of Michelle Obama, Howard Dean, Robert Wexler, Dave Aronberg, and Alex Sink (the Democrat who's running to replace Crist in the gov's mansion). 

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