No, David Beckham Is Not Buying the LA Galaxy and Moving Them to Miami

In the absence of real news, rumors start to spread. Considering there hasn't been any real news on David Beckham's planned Miami Major League Soccer franchise in months, it's only natural for outrageous rumors to surface.

The latest: Instead of starting a team from scratch, David Beckham intends to buy the LA Galaxy and move them to Miami.

Of course, this should be patently ridiculous to anyone with any familiarity with any of the words used in that rumors for a plethora of reasons. Amongst the most obvious:

  • Beckham bought the rights to a new franchise.
  • If he had and his partners had the money to buy the LA Galaxy they would have just bought them and kept the team in Los Angeles.
  • The Galaxy is, both on the field and on the books, one of the MLS's two most successful franchises. There's no way the league is upending a team that sells tickets and makes bank in the country's second largest media market and letting them be shipped to an unproven market.

So, how does a rumor like this get started? Well, German Greer, a reporter for Argentina's TYC Sports network sent this out on Twitter:

Translation: David Beckham acquired the franchise of #Galaxy and take you to Miami. The intent of the "Spice Boy" is that Roman is the face of the team.

Argentinian site Infobae then perpetuated the rumor by reporting that Beckham's Miami team is somehow a franchise of the LA Galaxy, dubbed the Miami Galaxy. An English soccer site ran with this too.

But then ESPN Deportes Jorge Ramos came in to clarify the rumor:

Translation: CLARIFYING Account @GermanDeportes David Beckham and his new franchise #Miami are interested in #Riquelme. Emphasis on "new."

Of course, there is some possible real news here, as two reporters from two Argentinian spots channels are claiming that Beckham is wooing Argentinian star Juan Román Riquelme to become (one of?) the first star faces of his Miami team. He's a four-time Argentinian player of the year whose spent time in both South American and Spanish leagues.

Currently 36 years old, he'll be in his late 30s by the time a Miami franchise actually gets up and playing, but aging international stars playing their last few years in the MLS to boost the league's credibility and fan base is nothing unfamiliar to Beckham.

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