Nine Unusual Mobile Businesses That Will Come to Your Doorstep in Miami

If it seems like you can get almost anything delivered to your house these days. That's because, for the most part, you can. Need a set of champagne flutes or a can of Fancy Feast or an extra phone charger? Amazon Prime Now can get it to you in less than two hours. Running low on groceries? Services like Shipt and Instacart have you covered.

But it turns out there’s a whole range of unusual services you can have dropped off at your doorstep in South Florida. Here are nine of the most interesting tasks you can accomplish without leaving your couch. (OK, except to answer the door.)
Fill up your gas tank
Local startup Gas Ninjas will deliver fuel to your location either within the hour or overnight. Input your address and desired fuel grade in the app, and be sure to pop your gas tank before you leave the parking lot. While you sleep, the Gas Ninjas will refuel your ride, leaving you with a full tank in the morning ahead of your commute.
Get documents notarized
It can be a pain to set up a time to see a notary, and often banks won’t notarize deeds or trusts. Plenty of mobile notary services around town like Miami Notary will come to you, making the process of signing legal paperwork one step simpler.
Have your nails done
Businesses like Nail Taxi and Nails at Home will send a manicurist to your location so you can squeeze in a pedicure without wasting time driving to the salon. New moms and germophobes alike look to licensed nail specialists such as Marlen Monette, who travels anywhere from Miami to Fort Lauderdale.
Practice target shooting
It doesn’t appear there are any mobile gun ranges in South Florida just yet, but there are at least two such vehicles in other parts of the Gunshine State. Yes, these trucks will stop by so you can fire weapons. Oh, Florida, you never disappoint.
Work out in a gym
It’s strange, and it’s true: You can get the gym experience without having to travel farther than the end of your driveway. Personal trainer Marty Burger will arrive with his mobile workout facility, as he's done for the past 25 years, giving you a private, at-home experience.
Get your dog’s nails clipped
On-the-go groomers such as Doggie’s Groom Mobile will bathe and groom your pets right in front of your home. Most of their services take about an hour, and there’s no need to hook up to your water supply because the trucks are self-sufficient.
Wash your wheels
Dirty car? A handful of local businesses will come to you, saving you the hassle of finding a car wash and waiting in line. There are one-man bands such as Dave’s Mobile Car Wash and apps like SmartWash, which delivers eco-friendly car washes after a quick request made on your phone.
Put your junk in storage
Miami-based Stow Simple has a new take on storage services: They’ll come to your house, pick up anything you’d like stored, and deliver it back to you when you need it again. You can pay by item or by bin for as little as $3 a month.
Make your Jewish grandmother happy
If it’s been a while since you’ve been to synagogue, Jewish organizations like Chabad Jewish Synagogue of Miami Beach have deployed “mitzvah tanks” across South Florida, hoping to catch your eye. While they’re meant for community outreach more than for house calls, this bad boy was too good to leave off the list. Next time you see one, stop in, say hello, and make your bubbe proud.

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