Nightmare: Rush Limbaugh Hints He Might Buy the Dolphins

Remember when Marge Schott owned the Cincinnati Reds? The woman caused one PR and PC nightmare after another with comments sympathizing with Adolf Hitler and unapologetically using slurs to describe African-Americans, homosexuals, Jews, and Japanese. There couldn't possibly be another owner in sports who could ever top her in the batshit-crazy, out-of-touch, right-wing-blowhard department? Right? Ugh, possibly not, because the Palm Beach Post's Jose Lambiet is floating the idea that radio host Rush Limbaugh should buy Wayne Huizenga's stake in the Miami Dolphins.

Lambiet quotes Limbaugh as saying NFL ownership would be "intriguing." Then he goes on to blab about how the Dolphins might represent a perfect opportunity for the WPB-based Limbaugh. Right-wing Newsmax, too, basically repackaged the story.

Lambiet has a history of breaking all sorts of Limbaugh news, and Newsmax (also based out of WPB) has featured contributions from him. If Rushies trying to use familiar media contacts to float the idea to gauge reaction before he makes any definite statement, let us be the first to say no thanks. If this is just aimless speculation on Lambiet's part, then stop scaring the shit out of us. The last thing we need is "Michael J. Fox bobble-head day" or Vicodin give-away nights at Dolphin Stadium.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.