NFL's Darren Sharper's Miami Rape Case Dropped

Former NFL star Darren Sharper will not be charged for allegedly raping a woman in Miami Beach. Prosecutors announced today that they'd drop the charges, in part because the victim did not file charges until three months after the alleged incident.

Sharper however still faces similar charges in Arizona and Los Angeles. Other alleged incidents in New Orleans and Las Vegas are also under investigation.

In the Miami Beach case, the victim came forward on January 19th, though the incident had happened months earlier. The victim claimed that she and some friends had wound up in a condo with Sharper and ended up intoxicated. When she awoke she found that Sharper was sexually assaulting her. She went to a doctor, but did not report the case until news of Sharper's other rape accusations became public.

Though, according to USA Today, prosecutors do not have enough evidence to move forward.

"It is one on one allegation," an assistant state attorney told the paper. "It is a delayed disclosure. The subject has made no admission...No physical evidence. Inconsistent statements made by the victim regarding knowledge of the people she was with night/morning of the incident as well as her description of the sex itself. No corroborating witnesses, despite detective's best efforts to locate the people the victim said were present the night/morning of this incident."

Back in 2011, another alleged victim filed a police report claiming that she had been assaulted by Sharper in Miami. That case was never prosecuted either.

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