NFL Player Sues Jersey Shore Hotel After Being Robbed Twice in a Day

If you're staying at a hotel near Ocean Drive or Collins Avenue, you should expect to get ripped off — usually by overpriced shrimp cocktail or colossal margaritas at a sidewalk café. 

Baltimore Ravens running back Terrance West, however, claims he got ripped off when he was staying at the Metropole Hotel on Collins this past February. He claims that he was robbed twice in one day and that the hotel is to blame

West has filed a lawsuit against Metropole's parent company, South Beach Group Hotels. 

The Metropole is infamous for being the setting of the Miami Beach-set second season of Jersey Shore

The pro baller was visiting February 27 with a friend. The pair chatted up two women but then parted ways. 

The suit claims the women then went to the hotel's front desk and asked for a key to West's room. Amazingly, the staffer complied. The woman were given a key and led to the room by a bellman and escort. Once inside, they swiped two Rolex watches worth almost $50,000 and made off. 

When West realized he'd been ripped off, he called police. An hour later, he heard a knock at his hotel room door and assumed it was an officer doing a followup on the investigation. Instead, it was a man who threatened to rob him. 
West said the man threatened his life, as well as his friend's, and though West never saw a firearm, he noticed a bulge beneath the man's shirt that he assumed was a gun tucked into his waistband. 

“If you don’t give me what I want, I have people in the car that will burn this whole place down!" the man yelled. 

The robber made off with $5,000 cash, Louboutin shoes, and some other property. 

West blames the hotel, as well as the staffer who let the first group of robbers into his room (the staffer is named as a codefendant). The 25-year-old NFL player tried to make arrangements for compensation with the hotel outside of the court system but claimed the company would not comply. 

He's seeking $53,129 in damages. 

West was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014, was traded to the Tennessee Titans, and is now with the Ravens. 

When the Browns parted ways with West, the player's alleged immaturity and a continued string of minor social media scandals (including flirting with married women) were cited in some reports as a reason for his being let go

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