NFL Draft Live-Blog, rounds 2 & 3

Welcome back to our second night of NFL Draft Live-Blogging! Brought to you in 3D!* (*-not really, but everything else is in 3D, so why not).

Tonight we'll roll through the second and third rounds, where the Dolphins hold the 40th and 73rd overall picks. Tonight's blog will be more Dolphins-centered than it was last night. So you'll be getting more coverage about the local team, and not so much about what the Cleveland Browns do. Unless they draft Jimmy Clausen. Then we'll have no choice but to mock them ceaselessly. It's the American way!

Now... onto the draft.... LET'S DO THIS!

The Dolphins could go in just about any direction tonight. After last night's blindsiding, don't be surprised if the Fins draft you. EXPECT A CALL!

Some directions they can go in, but obviously won't: Pass rushers, pass rushers, pass rushers.... LB Sergio Kindle, Texas; DE Everson Griffen, USC, Ricky Sapp from Virgina Tech.

Don't discount a tight end or three. Parcells loves his tight ends like Rex Ryan loves his Krispy Kremes. ZING!

6:10- Mel Kiper Jr. is yelling at everybody. Obviously the fact that Jimmy Clausen has yet to be picked is wearing on him. Expect Jon Gruden and Steve Young's heads to go all Scanners at any moment.

6:13- Suggested drinking game for the night: take a shot every time Jon Gruden says, "This guy has a heck of a motor!" You'll be shitfaced by 6:22

6:22- Is Brian Price in China? There was like a 7 minute delay between his name being called and he and his family celebrating. Or maybe they're just really, really cool people.

6:26 - Holy crap Mel Kiper Jr. loves Jimmy Clausen!

6:28- Chiefs select a running back. Jimmy Clausen remains undrafted. Mel Kiper Jr. is going to start dropping ceiling lights onto people. WITH HIS MIND!

Dolphins will be picking (allegedly) in 4 more picks.

6:31- These Wrangler jeans commercials want us to think that this is how Brett Favre spends his weekends, kicking back with the boys in a comfortable pair of Wranglers. But they'd be more true to life if they showed Favre hunting baby deer in them.

6:40- There's a rumor making the rounds that the Dolphins have traded their 5th round pick for Cliff Avril from Detriot. Here's a video of him stripping Kerry Collins of the football. But that's like stripping a football from W.C. Fields, so we really don't know what we're getting.

6:44- Dolphins are on the clock.

With the 40th pick, the Miami Dolphins select....


Dan Marino says "Thank you" to the New York crowd. In other words, "Get fucked."


7:00- INSTANT KNEE-JERK ANALYSIS!: He's a pass rusher, and he's known as a relentless guy. Also, his name sounds like a Star Wars character.

The problem? He's kind of small, which goes against the Parcells mold. But then again, this time last year he drafted Pat White, so who the hell knows any more. Misi is athletic

See you again tomorrow to wrap this puppy up!

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