News Wrap Up - Governor Solicits Sex, More Gambling for Florida, and Droopy Pants

New York Governor Spitzer Resigns Amidst Controversy – Governor Elliot Spitzer resigned from his position Wednesday. Spitzer may face criminal charges under human trafficking laws for soliciting a prostitute to travel from New York to Washington D.C. with the express purpose of sex. Spitzer said that he now has to focus on his family.

Cuban Soccer Players Defect – After arriving in Tampa and playing a game against the U.S. soccer team, 5 of the Olympic Cuban soccer team players escaped from their hotel rooms. They soon hired a lawyer to plead their case for political asylum. Not even their parents knew.

Florida Senate Gives Go Ahead on Video Lottery Bill – In an effort to bring more money to the ailing state budget, the Florida senate has passed a bill that expands gambling in Florida. The bill allows for the use of video lottery machines which has users competing against each other rather than against the “house.” The House has to approve the bill, which seems unlikely.

Ignored and Cheated – Haitian bean pickers in Miami-Dade, one of the largest bean producing areas for the state, are exploited by task masters who, in an effort to save money, cheat their workers and allow them to work in unsafe conditions.

Who’s Worse? – In the middle of the Spitzer debacle, a question has arisen in the blogosphere on who is worse Larry Craig or Elliot Spitzer. Who really committed the worst offense?

Florida Senate Wants Kids to Pull Their Pants Up – The Florida Senate passed a bill that requires students in public schools to wear their pants at waist level or risk being suspended. Riviera Beach, another Florida city, passed its own law that could land a repeat offender in jail for 60 days.

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