• West Miami Mayor Ceasar Carasa has been suspended for racking up a $70,000 cell phone bill on the City's dime. Carasa is not believed to be an actual teenage girl. [NBCMiami]
  • The Miami Art Museum has named John Wetenhall as its interim director. Previously he's worked in museums in such cultural hotbeds as Sarasota, Fl and Nashville, Tn. [ArtDaily]
  • North Miami Beach's paraplegic mayor Myron Rosner got harassed at Disney World because staff mistook his wheelchair for a Segway, because they are just dumb, dumb people allegedly. [Herald]

News Roundup: West Miami Mayor Suspended for Gabbing; Cuban Ump Defects


  • Nelson Diaz, a Cuban umpire, is just the latest baseball figure to defect. Though, he may be the first Ump to do so. [ESPN]
  • Tony Sparano declares that "the fans deserve better" after Sunday's disastrous loss to the Bills. [Herald]
  • Four Miami Hurricanes were named to the all-ACC team including kicker Matt Bosher, offensive tackle Jason Fox, lineman Allen Baily, and cornerback Brandon Harris. [PBPost]


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