• An audit criticized the waste of tens of thousands of tax-payer dollars by city of Miami workers on Government credit cards. Some how we got stiffed with the bill for a pink metallic dog collar. [Herald]
  • A stage being built at Sun Life stadium collapsed, injuring four. [CBS4]
  • Jackson Memorial Health Systems lost four times as much last year as it originally thought. [Herald]
  • City of Miami Beach police won't be taking off-duty work during Super Bowl weekend as a form of protest over pension disagreements. [CBS4]
  • Here's a dog that is also a doctor. Or a dog-tor. Or something. It's adorable, folks. [CBS4]

News Roundup: Super Bowl Stage Collapse Injures Four


  • Hurricanes linebacker Arthur Brown has apparently up and left school and no one knows if he'll be back. The former star recruit is the brother of last year's singing day drama queen Bryce Brown. [Herald]
  • Hurricanes Basketball continue to stink up the ACC by falling 62-53 to Wake Forrest. [LATimes]
  • Joey Porter is pretty much done with Miami. He hasn't spoken to Coach Sparano since November, and would like to play closer to his home in California. [USAToday]
  • Here's a somewhat Miami-bashing ESPN column about why New Orleans will be the place to watch the Super Bowl. Most of which is kind of valid, except jeez ESPN, we know who Jonathan Vilma is, he was born here. [ESPN]

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