• 88 Haitians found trying to reach America in a 50-ft sail boat were returned by the Coast Guard. [CBS4]
  • The body of a 21-year-old man wanted for murder in Miami was found dead in a field near Fort Pierce next to the body of his 35-year-old girlfriend. [Herald]
  • A female student at South Dade Senior High was brutally beaten between classes while other students, cheered on the incident and video taped it. Now her mother is demanding answers. [WSVN]
  • A mother and two children were struck by a car while trying to cross a busy road in Hialeah. Everyone is expected to recover. [CBS4]
  • The Historical Museum of Southern Florida will put crime in Miami on display in a six- month exhibit that chronicles outlaws from rum-runners of the prohibition era to the cocaine cowboys of the '80s. [Herald]
  • The Miami City Ballet will begin its season with an increased budget, a return to live music, and four premiers. [Herald]
  • In the midst of a major budget crisis, Jackson Health Systems cut another 21 jobs. [WSVN]

News Roundup: Miami Murder Suspect Found Dead in Fort Pierce


  • The Miami Heat destroyed the 76ers 105-78. [UPI]
  • Hurricanes basketball needs a huge win to keep its NCAA tournament hopes alive; will they get that when the face Duke tonight? [Herald]

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