• A petition to recall Mayor Carlos Alvarez fell short by just a few thousand signatures. [CBS4]
  • Murdered tourist Paula Sladewski's sister is back in town looking for the culprit, and the award for the killer's arrest has been raised to $15,000. [NBCMiami]
  • Yesterday's rain and flooding caused all sorts of traffic delays. [CBS4]
  • That being said, the weather for the Super Bowl is expected to be nice and sunny. [Herald]

News Roundup: Joey Porter Wants Out of Here


  • Joey Porter announced he wants to be traded from the Dolphins. He'll most likely get his wish. Anyone want a loudmouthed 33-year-old linebacker past his prime? [Yahoo!Sports]
  • The Milwaukee Bucs beat the Miami Heat 97-81 as the Heat continue their midseason slump. [UPI]
  • A New Orleans-based sports writer seems to have picked up on the local press reminiscing on what could have been had the Dolphins signed Drew Brees. [Nola]
  • The Pro Bowl scored better TV ratings thanks to its move to Miami and the week before the Super Bowl. [NFP]


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