News Roundup: Jimbo's on Fire

  • A trailer near Jimbo's caught fire after Jimbo's son, Bubba, hooked up a water heater. [JustNews]
  • The Epic Hotel's water has been deemed safe. [FoxNews]
  • After warming up just a bit for Christmas, the temperature might drop to the 40s. [CBS4]


  • Time to pop champagne: The Indianapolis Colts pulled their starters in the second half and lost their first game of the season. Meaning your '72 Dolphins hold on to their "only undefeated" status. The bad news is that the Colts handed a win to the Jets. [ChiTrib]
  • The Heat dominated the Indiana Pacers 114-80. [UPI]
  • Randy Shannon feels for the Gators' football coach, who decided to temporary retire, and of course doesn't think it will benefit the Canes' recruiting. Well, he won't say it out loud. [PBPost]

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