News Roundup: It Dropped Below 50 Degrees, Emergency!

  • The Coast Guard called off the search for two boaters who went missing of the coast. [NBCMiami]
  • It got really really cold yesterday, how cold was it? Apparently cold enough to warrant this long article. [Herald]
  • Kool & the Gang performed in Cuba on Saturday. Our apologies to the Cuban people. [CBS4]
  • Thanks to the Legionnaire's disease drama, the EPIC says it's loosing $200,000 a day. [CBS4]
  • Bummer alert: "More manatees have been found dead in Florida waters in 2009 than any previous year." [JustNews]
  • Dolphins player Channing Crowder is none too pleased with the officiating in yesterday's game: "It's hard enough to beat 11 Titans. You can't beat 17 Titans." [Herald]
  • The Portland Trailblazers beat the Heat 102-95. [UPI]
  • Dwyane Wade needs some new friends to play with, or he is leaving. [NYPost]
  • Canes LB Jason Fox will miss the bowl game due to surgery. [ESPN]

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Kyle Munzenrieder